£4.75m home in Bath ‘an absolutely incredible building’ – 90 second interview Matt Slade

This week Luke had the pleasure of talking to Matt Slade about the renovation of one of the most expensive homes sold in the South West in 2021; the £4.75m Grade 1 listed building – 26 The Circus, Bath.

Matt is the Group Managing Director of Vertex Investment Group that makes strategic, long-term investments in land, residential property, commercial real estate & fast growth companies.

Vertex are actively seeking sites, acquisitions and partners in the Bath and Bristol area. If you think you can help, please contact georgie@vertexinvestments.co.uk.

Luke: What were the biggest challenges?


Probably three main challenges given the timing of the project; so one related to Covid, it was right in the middle of the main Covid lockdown, so we had large amounts of issues there with our team and getting people onsite.

Second one, was with the Grade 1 listed building itself, very very difficult building to work with, and that brings its own challenges.

And then the third thing being suppliers and actually getting materials, building materials, into site in the middle of a Covid lockdown. So those are the key challenges to that project.

Luke: How did you overcome these?


So we overcame them in a number ways.

So first of all with the resources we were very resource focused, and we had daily calls with the team and we made sure everyone was talking the whole time. We put support in place for families, friends; we were very very flexible in case anyone needed to take time off. So that really helped with that one.

Grade 1 listed building, never an easy thing to work with. We sent literally hundreds and hundreds of documents into planning and listed buildings people. So specifically focus, planning and being willing to change and flex in our approach is how we dealt with that one.

And finally, to the final point on suppliers; we’ve got some really really good suppliers we work with. Luckily we were able to have some good conversations with them. We’ve had those ongoing relationships. And so they could help to sequester supplies for us a little bit and made sure we never really ran out of anything. So that worked well.

And a big thank you to all our suppliers that helped us on that project.

Luke: What was your favourite thing about the project?


So my favourite thing about number 26 The Circus was the building itself.

So an absolute incredible building. The Georgians, how they built buildings like that back in the day; just blows my mind even now.

You get up close and you see all the detail you see all the architecture.

Absolutely fantastic, stunning building.

If you’ve not been, go and wander around the Royal Crescent and The Circus in Bath. Minds will be blown!

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