Removing the barriers to making homes green

AI-powered retrofit-as-a-service

We make it easy for your customers to go green

Engage your customers

83% of people  are unaware of their EPC rating and do not understand the full benefits of energy efficiency like the impact on health.

Enable net zero

The legally binding date at which the UK has committed to be carbon neutral is 2050.

Grow additional revenue

We secure bulk discounts from improvement suppliers as well pass on commission. This could be hundreds of £ per home.

Our Platform

We offer one of the most comprehensive B2B solutions for removing the barriers to energy efficient retrofitting for your customers; from analysis, engagement to verification and monitoring. 

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Analyse your portfolio using our AI based insights to help you understand risk including EPC prediction, grant eligibility, viability and targeting.


Support retrofit with a market leading one-stop-shop including an extensive business case, wider benefits, and direct quotes from national suppliers.


Engage customers long-term by providing one place for them to manage improvements including documents, reminders and smart home monitoring.


Verify works with an EPC from a leading national partner. This official EPC provides verification pre and post improvements.

+ Get additional revenue when customers complete improvements or switch utility providers.

What people are saying

This can really help better prepare our customers in their mortgage journey.


Top mortgage broker

Love the product.


Challenger lender

Exactly what we’re looking for to be more sustainable and add value to our customers.

Head of Business Development

Top estate agent

Really impressive product.


Mid-size lender

This is excellent.


Challenger lender

The vision is spot on.

Chief Sustainability Officer

Top 10 lender

Why Propflo?

60% increased engagement

We have optimised our tools so there are minimal clicks and input needed from the end user to reduce drop-off rates. This has resulted in a 60% increase in typical click-through-rates with our partners.

Feeding into a digital hub to help people manage their properties longer-term also means we can re-engage users in their net zero journey at the best time.

All UK residential properties covered

With our Enhanced EPC, we have 100% coverage of all UK properties. These Enhanced EPCs also provide more information on net zero pathways and our resilience rating.

We have advanced AI-based address matching to maintain a ‘golden thread’ with disparate datasets so we can predict EPC ratings for all residential properties in England, Wales and Scotland.

Create additional revenue streams

Earn a proportion of referral income for any user who completes major improvements through-out the retrofit process.

Longer-term, continue to earn a share of referral fees from users switching utility providers. 


If you are interested in a demo or pricing please get in touch below.

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