Case Study: Rich’s journey to a greener home

Rich's Journey to a Greener Home

Meet Rich, a long-term Bristol resident who lives in Keynsham with his wife and two boys. With a strong focus on sustainability, Rich embarked on a journey to make his home greener. Here’s his story on how Propflo helped him transform his home and gain control over his energy bills.

Our Interview with Rich

Motivation for going Green

Rich and his wife have always been environmentally conscious. When they purchased their current house about six months ago, they aimed to incorporate a sustainable mindset into their building and renovation projects. For them, the benefits were clear: lower energy costs, greater efficiency, and the empowerment of having control over their energy consumption. Plus, Rich finds the process of becoming more sustainable genuinely fascinating.

“By being more sustainable, it’s better for our bills – lower energy costs – [an we’re] looking at being as efficient as possible,” Rich explained. He added, “It gives us a bit more empowerment and control over our energy bills. For example, we’re now making money because it’s sunny, which is great.”

The Renovation Process

Rich’s home renovation project has been extensive and is being executed in phases. They are nearing the end of the first phase, which has included significant improvements:

  • Windows and Doors: All windows and the front door were replaced, significantly enhancing the home’s insulation.
  • Energy Efficiency: A smart meter was installed to better manage energy consumption, and solar panels were added, creating a 2.8 kilowatt system on the roof.
  • Electrical Work: Complete re-wiring and updating of the electrical systems throughout the house.
  • Interior Work: Plastering and woodwork were updated to improve the overall structure and aesthetics.

Changes made in Rich’s home

These changes have already made a noticeable difference in the house’s energy efficiency and overall comfort.

  • How Propflo helped

Propflo played a crucial role in Rich’s journey to a greener home. The platform provided valuable insights and practical tools that facilitated the entire process:

  • Property information: Before purchasing their home, Rich and his wife used Propflo to gather detailed information about the energy efficiency of the house and options to improve it.
  • Direct quotes from suppliers: Rich was able to a quotes from suppliers and, for example, had solar panels installed.
  • Smart home monitoring: Post-purchase, they installed smart home devices which been instrumental in tracking real-time energy efficiency before and after renovations. This data has been particularly interesting as it showed a marked improvement after replacing the windows.

“Propflo helped us look into the market, put the details on the system, and then find out a lot more about the house…which was fantastic. It gave us a bit more confidence in terms of what we’re buying beyond Rightmove metrics,” said Rich.

One of the most remarkable differences observed was after replacing the windows. The smart home devices provided clear data showing the improvement in energy efficiency and comfort levels inside the home.

Draught risks detected with smart home sensors

Rich’s experience highlights the benefits of using Propflo for both pre-purchase property insights and post-purchase energy efficiency monitoring. By leveraging technology and data, homeowners like Rich can make informed decisions and see the tangible benefits of their sustainability efforts.

Create additional revenue by supporting energy efficiency

About Propflo

Propflo is an award winning data-driven AI platform that supports lenders and property businesses to comply with energy efficiency regulations, meet their climate targets, and then support their customers in their wider ownership journey.

Propflo was founded by proptech entrepreneur Luke Loveridge and geospatial and risk data scientist Dr Daniel Moyo. It also has world leading AI expert Mike Tipping as an advisor.

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