How to sell your home like a pro

Our CEO Luke Loveridge spoke with Harrison Jones, a serial property developer with over 15 property projects ranging from £150k to £1.1m, to understand the challenges he has faced when buying and selling properties.

After appearing on the apprentice in 2017, Harrison has gone on to set up Equals Health, a healthy and organic alternative to frozen meals.

Luke: What is the biggest challenge when buying or selling a property?


So the most challenging problem when buying or selling a property, aside from the issue of maybe doing a project up, because we do a lot of refurbishment projects where there can be hundreds of different issues that can come into play; the most frustrating part is the actual process of the buying and selling of a property. 

So you can go all the way to the end of the process of buying one and then it falls through and the same when it comes to selling. A lot of the issues I found could have been dealt with right at the start because they’re the same on every property that we’ve ever bought. 

The biggest issue for me is the messiness of the purchasing and the sale process when property buying.

Some tips that we’ve had over the years of doing property refurbishment is after a while we kind of know what we’re looking for and we know the questions that are going to come up with the solicitors and the searches that come in. So, what we try to do is kind of pre-empt them, especially when selling and get that all ready, before we’ve actually got a buyer in place. 

So when we have found a buyer, a lot of the questions we know are going to come up all ready and that will speed up the process by at least a few weeks. Within the last few projects we found that this has helped a lot with decreasing the purchase time.

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