Case Study: How Annie optimised her home with Propflo

From detection to perfection: How Annie optimised her home with Propflo

This case study follows the journey of ‘Annie’, an ecologically-minded homeowner who, through Propflo’s AI-powered tools and insights, has transformed her property into a benchmark for leading energy efficiency. From a digital report to understand the business case, seamlessly getting direct quotes from accredited national suppliers, to monitoring the impact.

Taking the first steps

Annie’s initial engagement with Propflo began when she wanted to improve the energy efficiency of her home using GreenVal – Propflo’s comprehensive retrofit tool. She discovered the potential to improve her property’s EPC rating from B to A, marking her first step towards minimising her carbon footprint and energy bills. The journey continued with the installation of solar panels, a battery system and smart home technology.

Bridging data with action

As part of the aftercare service, Annie had access to a digital ‘HomeHub’ that had all the documentation from her installation but also offered smart home monitoring. Annie installed the Homelink solution and integrated sensors throughout her home to monitor various parameters including temperature, humidity and CO2 levels – all displayed in the Propflo HomeHub. The data unexpectedly revealed a mid-level risk of draughts and heat loss in several rooms – a significant concern for a new build property thought to be well insulated.

Heat loss showing medium risk

In response to smart home insights generated, Annie took advantage of a significant discount offered by Retrofit West for a thermal imaging survey. The survey revealed inadequate insulation around the pipes in the downstairs bathroom and a number of other gaps in other rooms. Annie promptly addressed with a simple, cost-effective DIY solution – around £30 of spray foam and sealant.

Seeing the impact

Following the works,  the smart home insights confirmed a low risk of draughts and heat loss, demonstrating the impact of Annie’s work. Her story highlights not only the potential for continuous engagement of homeowners on their net zero journey, but also how using a combination of smart home insights and one-off surveys can work together to have cost effective, real-life impact.

Drop in risk levels

This graph demonstrates the tangible benefits achieved through the strategic use of Propflo solutions.

Note: this is a real case study from 2023/24. Our user wanted to remain anonymous. The name Annie is a pseudonym.

Create additional revenue by supporting energy efficiency

About Propflo

Propflo is an award winning data-driven AI platform that supports lenders and property businesses to comply with energy efficiency regulations, meet their climate targets, and then support their customers in their wider ownership journey.

Propflo was founded by proptech entrepreneur Luke Loveridge and geospatial and risk data scientist Dr Daniel Moyo. It also has world leading AI expert Mike Tipping as an advisor.

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