‘Technology is speeding up the process and we’re just touching the surface’ – 90 second interview with Andrew Montlake

Our CEO Luke Loveridge talked with Andrew Montlake this week to get his views on the changing technology landscape for mortgage intermediaries.

Andrew is the Managing Director of multi-award-winning, London based mortgage and financial advice provider Coreco, which he co-founded. He’s passionate about improving the customer journey and lender relationships to be that little bit different.

Luke: How is technology changing the mortgage intermediary sector?


It’s an interesting one because everyone’s been talking about technology for years now, but we’re finally seeing it used in a really exciting way, which is speeding up the process. 

So whether that’s from application to mortgage offer, in terms of the application of automated valuations and automated ID checking, automated income checking, all that kind of thing.

It’s also helping from a broker’s point of view in terms of speeding up the process. So you’re not double keying everything or sometimes three times. 

The API is just starting to work between broker and lender and sourcing systems, and that’s really exciting, but really, we’re just touching the surface of it.

And there’s a whole new breed of technology and some clever things that are coming, whether it’s the likes of Eligible or Dashly or Molo and things like that, which are really helping to improve things. But it’s all about making sure that the technology is used properly, and it’s actually used to make the customer journey more efficient. And you’re not just doing tech for tech’s sake.

What’s even more important is that technology is great, but it will never replace the human personal touch that mortgage brokers bring.

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