Our CEO Luke Loveridge talked with Jessica Ellis to get her take on why connectivity is becoming vital to the economy and future homes.

Jessica works for the UK Government (DCMS) as Head of Programme Development for the 5G Testbed and Trials Programme. She has a huge amount of knowledge about connectivity and is in Total Telecoms UK’s Top 100 5G influencers 2021.

Luke: How important is ultrafast connectivity becoming?


It’s a really good question. I think the way that we live and work is evolving and the pandemic has really proven that connectivity is fundamental to how we live, work, educate our children and having that flexibility to be able to do everything from our home and seamlessly whilst we’re on the move is vital.

You know there’s also a lot of technology coming down the line for in-home environments for entertainment and energy-saving through connected devices; so coverage in the home around the home so that you have a seamless transition between your home and your vehicle for example is going to rely completely on ultra-fast connectivity, through broadband and Wifi. The advent of e-cars for example will need connectivity for the charging points everywhere you travel.

Future networking technology will start to address those challenges around the need for ubiquitous indoor and outdoor coverage, ensuring connectivity is in the home, in your place of work and making sure that there’s a seamless experience and whatever data or internet usage you’re looking to consume.