Our strategy is to develop ‘a further 1,250 new homes over the next 5 years’ – 90 second interview Sam Tullock

The next episode in our sustainability in real estate series sees Luke interviewing Sam Tullock from believe housing. Sam is the Strategic Asset Business Lead looking after the environmental, asset management and compliance functions. 

believe housing owns nearly 20,000 homes in the County Durham area and is currently building another 1,250 new homes in the next five years.

Luke: How do we build affordable net-zero homes? 


Our board agreed on our new development strategy for more homes, better places in October 2021 which will see us develop a further 1250 new homes over the next five years.

The strategy will also see us in a great place to emphasize on communities we’ve served, as well as delivering the whole placemaking agenda, but more importantly our zero carbon ambitions.

We are wanting to ensure that all of our new builds are A band in the next year or two. So any future scheme which is currently in progress that won’t be to band A, they’re currently to band B, but anything in the future will be to A. Which is really important to us especially as well, obviously we have a green action plan and is part of that action plan, so we’re ensuring that we deliver on that.

We are looking at some other schemes that been developed in the surrounding area, were hydrogen. We think that this probably isn’t for us potentially at this moment. I think we are a long way away, but we are looking things in terms of mine water harvesting. We have lots of mines with us being in the Durham area that we could potentially look to utilise and have mine water harvesting system on a communal scheme.

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