Smart home registration

Keep your property in top condition

Use smart home technology to get real-time data and insights into your property.

This service is currently only open to landlords for pre-registration.


Unrivalled insights

Identify key maintenance issues to help you and tenants take preventative action and monitor the real-time performance of the property like energy efficiency.

You can receive instant notifications and track progress over time.

Tenant engagement

Provide your tenants with an app that enables them to see the health of their home and prompts them to take action.

The app provides tenants with insights into humidity, indoor air quality, excess heat, draughts and even allergens.



Connects your devices and has a battery back-up to maintain the flow of data.


Measure humidity, temperature and carbon dioxide as well as the status of fire alarms.

Please fill in your details below to get early access. 

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