Press kit

Press kit

Here you can find some useful information about our brand and assets, including our logo, content and trademarks without having to negotiate legal agreements for each use.

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Propflo is an award winning platform that supports businesses to get their customers retrofitting.

The end-to-end solution consists of:

PortfolioAudit – analyses your loan book or CRM to provide insights into risks and opportunities. The tool includes AI based address matching, energy rating predictions, viability of retrofitting, a grant eligibility indicator, and monitoring of progress.

GreenVal – a market leading white-label retrofit tool that you can send to your customers so they can understand the business case and benefits for retrofitting, select improvements and get direct quotes from accredited national suppliers. 💷 Share in additional revenue from completed works.

HomeHub – join up the retrofit process by enabling your customers to manage works in one place. Customers are then engaged longer term with including the option of smart home monitoring. 💷 Share in additional revenue via this channel.

EnhancedEPC – verify pre and post improvement works with an official EPC, plus understand the resilience of a property in addition to its net zero pathway. Provided in partnership with a leading national energy assessor.

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