Get up to £250 off a smart heat assessment for your home

If you live in Bristol, Bath or South Gloucestershire you can get a £250 voucher from Retrofit West towards a smart home heat loss assessment.

A communications gateway and a number of sensors are installed that measure temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels.

This data can then be used to generate the following risk insights:

These devices and insights are provided by a leading national supplier – Aico Homelink – and accessed through your Propflo HomeHub.

This gives you an ongoing view of risks over approximately 10 years and complements other surveys like thermal imaging which provide a detail view at one point in time.


  • Identify risks before they become a problem
  • Helps to guide where to focus other investigations (like thermal imaging)
  • See what impact improvements have on your home
  • Health is wealth – support to maintain a healthy home


  • Starter package £379 – gateway and one environmental sensor (temperature, humidity and CO2)
  • Starter package with installation £475 (recommended)
  • Additional environmental sensors (temperature, humidity and CO2) – £150
  • Additional environmental sensors (temperature, humidity) – £115
  • Pricing includes device lifetime access to advanced insights and data (10 years).
  • You can self-install but we recommend you use a professional for installation.


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