Habito launches first broker retrofit tool for homeowners

Habito launches first broker retrofit tool for homeowners

London, November 29th, 2023. Habito, a leading digital mortgage broker committed to pioneering change in the mortgage industry, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Propflo, an award-winning AI-driven proptech startup. Together, they will be introducing a ground-breaking tool in the mortgage intermediary sector, GreenVal, designed to support homeowners in making their properties more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Pictured: Daniel Moyo – CDS, Propflo (left), Ying Tan – CEO, Habito (Centre), Luke Loveridge, CEO, Propflo (Right)

GreenVal – a unique one-stop-shop solution – will be offered directly to existing Habito customers, empowering them with the following features:

  • Comprehensive business case: GreenVal provides a cutting-edge business case that outlines in detail all the benefits and costs associated with making a property more energy efficient.
  • Resilience rating: Gain insight into a property’s resilience with a rating that factors in thermal comfort, air quality, and financial stability.
  • Direct quotes: Obtain quotes for significant improvements from leading accredited national suppliers.
  • Alternative solutions: Discover add-ons and alternatives such as batteries, EV charge points and heat pumps to further enhance a property’s sustainability and resilience ratings.
  •  DIY options: Explore low-cost and do-it-yourself improvement opportunities, available for direct purchase.

Intermediaries play a trusted role in advising homeowners and are forecast to be responsible for 90% of mortgage distribution by 2024, up from 84% in 2022. Habito will be the first major mortgage intermediary to use such a tool and will be working with Propflo and lenders to get homeowners the most suitable finance options.

The tool will initially be offered to existing Habito customers.

"We know that rising mortgage costs and energy bills are having a real impact on people’s lives, and this partnership will enable us to help our customers to potentially reduce both. We were also recently featured in the TechCrunch Climate 100 that showcases UK tech companies who are at the forefront of climate action; this partnership with Propflo will enable us to continue making huge progress in one of the most important global challenges."
"Mortgage advisors and lenders are in a unique position to help people make their homes more energy efficient. Habito led the sector in becoming more digital, and is now becoming the clear leader in the sector to help tackle the ~£200bn retrofit challenge. I’m inspired by the team and look forward to working closely with them in future!"

About Habito

Habito will get you the best mortgage possible. Fast, transparent and impartial – we’ll take care of it. Using a unique combination of cutting edge technology and industry-leading mortgage experts, homebuyers can, for the first time, be sure they are getting the best deal for them.

Our experts will search the whole market – that’s more than 20,000 mortgages from 90 lenders – to get you the fastest, easiest mortgage or remortgage ever. We can also handle all your buying admin – your property survey, legal work, mortgage, everything. Buying a home should be a high point in your life, not a stressful one.

About Propflo

Propflo is an award winning data-driven platform that supports lenders and property businesses to comply with energy efficiency regulations, meet their climate targets, and then support their customers in their wider ownership journey.

Propflo was founded by proptech entrepreneur Luke Loveridge and geospatial and risk data scientist Dr Daniel Moyo. Its lead investor, Ying Tan, is an industry expert having built and sold one of the largest specialist mortgage brokers in the country, and is now CEO of leading digital broker – Habito. The business has a strong advisory team including Verona Frankish the CEO of Yopa, and Professor Mike Tipping who is a world-leading AI expert.



Mei Ramilo: mei.ramilo@habito.com
Felix Schraff: comms@propflo.co.uk
Propflo Press kit

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