Case Study: How a leading estate agent engaged their customers in energy efficiency

How a leading estate agent engaged their customers in energy efficiency

In a strategic move towards environmental sustainability, Yopa – supported by Propflo – have delivered a successful customer engagement campaign to promote energy efficiency to homeowners. The partnership combines Propflo’s advanced proptech solutions with Yopa’s extensive customer reach, targeting different groups of homeowners with tailored messages and sustainable retrofit options.

Defining the target groups

Using Propflo’s PortfolioAudit tool, the campaign identified several homeowner segments from Yopa’s existing customers which helped to tailor its messaging effectively.

The ‘Solar’ segment comprised homeowners who were most suitable for a solar panel installation as a standalone upgrade and messaging focused on the impact of solar panels on energy ratings and increasing property value. This segment had an open rate 7% higher than typical campaigns.

The ‘Solar + EPC C segment engaged homeowners where it was believed that a solar panel installation could get the property to at least an EPC rating of C. Open rates for this segment were 37% higher compared to average campaigns.

For the ‘Remortgage’ segment – those that were due to remortgage in the next six months – messaging centred around enhancing remortgage options through energy-efficient home improvements. This segment showed the highest engagement, with a 57% increase in typical open rates, suggesting a strong interest in using energy efficiency to boost mortgage options when people were facing remortgaging with higher interest rates.

Other segments included ‘Solar + Heating’ and ‘Solar + Windows/Doors’, representing homeowners considering wider improvements beyond solar, interested in comprehensive energy solutions that include heating systems like heat pumps and insulation improvements.

The percentage increase in open rates across several segments

Evaluating the campaign’s performance

By categorising properties based on existing energy measures, such as heating systems and insulation quality, and the potential to incorporate renewable energy sources, the campaign guided homeowners towards practical and impactful insights and improvements. The engagement rates were much higher than average showing the impact of tailored messaging and success in raising awareness of energy efficiency.

Further analysis suggests that with incentives of £2,000, up to 75% of properties rated below ‘C’ would have a ‘viable’ business case to achieve this energy efficiency milestone, unlocking economic and environmental benefits.

This additional funding could be from grants, mortgage lenders or improvement supplier incentives. The targeting analysis identified that Yopa’s customers could secure bulk discounts from Propflo suppliers of nearly £10m total whilst similarly boosting passive revenue for Yopa by a similar amount.

Bridging data with action

The integration of data from Yopa’s customer relationship management system with Propflo’s machine learning analytical tools provided a detailed view of property-specific improvement opportunities. This approach enabled the identification of grant eligibility, potential EPC improvements and specific property improvements tailored to remortgaging.

The engagement campaign established a benchmark for market readiness to adopt energy-efficient solutions. More than half of the properties analysed were below EPC ‘C’ and a clear pathway has been identified to upgrade 75% of them with additional incentives of £2,000 per property. The implications for the property market are significant, not only in terms of property value but also in terms of contributing to national net-zero targets.

EPC ratings of the target segments

Building on success for future Initiatives 

The customer engagement campaign has achieved measurable success in supporting homeowners in raising awareness and making energy efficiency upgrades. With a clear understanding of market segmentation and the integration of advanced data analytics, Yopa is able to better engage customers with relevant support at the right time. 

Future steps will include expanding the target audience and exploring new collaborations to increase market reach and impact.

Create additional revenue by supporting energy efficiency

About Propflo

Propflo is an award winning data-driven AI platform that supports lenders and property businesses to comply with energy efficiency regulations, meet their climate targets, and then support their customers in their wider ownership journey.

Propflo was founded by proptech entrepreneur Luke Loveridge and geospatial and risk data scientist Dr Daniel Moyo. It also has world leading AI expert Mike Tipping as an advisor.

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