‘Estate agents are becoming their own proptech companies’ – 90 second interview Simon Whale

Our CEO Luke Loveridge talked with Simon Whale this week to get his views on the changing technology landscape for estate agents.

Simon is Founder aka Chief Kerfuffler at Kerfuffle which helps estate agents find the best suppliers at the best prices enabling them to grow their estate agency business. Think Which?, Trip Advisor, Compare the Market and Groupon all rolled into one B2B platform – that’s the essence of Kerfuffle.

Luke: What technology trends are you seeing in the property industry?


The trends we’re seeing I think is that it is, it’s just more of the same, is what’s coming back. Or I think is vaguely interesting in our world of proptech now that we’ve seen a variety of different waves obviously.

And what’s really quite exciting now as you’re seeing a lot of what I’ve termed proptech 3.0. And that’s really interesting because it’s not those techies in ivory towers who have to learn the property industry. These are people who have formed products and services because of the very real challenges they have in everyday life.

So whether that’s people like Kristjan Byfield at the Depositary; Kai from Keatons with Area. A whole host of these different really exciting businesses that are bursting onto the scene at the moment. 

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