‘…Propflo really stood out’ – 90 second interview with Ying Tan

In part 2 of our interview with our lead investor, Ying Tan explains why he invested in Propflo.

After becoming one of the youngest VPs at Goldman Sachs, Ying created a substantial property portfolio before founding Dynamo in February 2006; he exited in May 2021 having grown the company to become one of the leading and largest mortgage brokers in the UK. Since his exit, he has also become the non-executive chairman of Knowledge Bank – a multi-award-winning mortgage criteria search system.

Luke: Why did you invest in Propflo?


Propflo was a very exciting idea. I had a lot of different opportunities land on my desktop, but Propflo really stood out for me.

First and foremost, the strength of the founders and the leadership team. I think when an idea is at its embryonic stage you need to back the entrepreneurs and the founders behind the business. Luke and Daniel are clearly two proven solid performers, which I was very keen to back.

But there’s no point just backing the people; clearly there must be some substance to the idea. So, I think there’s a real opportunity for an innovative start-up in this space to really disrupt the way house buying and house purchases are done, and I’m super excited with what Propflo are really bringing to the market; a very interesting product.

There’s nothing really out there like it, but it’s needed. For someone with my background of property and financial services, it’s an area which I’ve seen the need for for a long time. And it’s great to see the likes of Luke and Propflo really bring that idea to life.

So yeah, really really excited for the opportunity there. I think Propflo is a great opportunity to really disrupt this space and I think the leadership team and the strength of a proposition is really what stands out above the others that I’ve looked at in the past.

Propflo supports homeowners, sellers and buyers with property scores, insights and services with an AI-first product road map.

Check what data people can see on your home, take control, protect its value

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